PolyCon - Canada   

November 20-21, 2021

About Us

PolyCon is a project of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association and was first held in Vancouver in 2013 celebrating our right to love as newly confirmed by the BC Supreme Court. In 2016,  we held a virtual conference based in Victoria, BC  and to celebrate the diversity within the Canadian Poly Community. Events were hosted by the Victoria, BC poly community and workshop sessions were live-streamed to YouTube and recorded to make as much of the conference as possible accessible to all. In 2020, polyamory community members from Alberta were working to bring Edmonton’s events to you. Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the PolyCon 2020  conference was replaced with a virtual conference in November 2020 (in conjunction with National Polyamory Day).   PolyCon 2021 will be held November 20-21, 2021 and will be an online unconference event.  

live stream and virtual cons

A Live stream event is live and in real time with a 7 - 10 second delay.  A co-hosted live stream allows for rebroadcasting by other live streamers around the world.   Various live streaming platforms can host including a broadcast link in a website.

A Virtual event can be recorded and viewable at a later date on platforms like Twitch and YouTube. 

PolyCon - Canada 2020 will be a 24 hr live streamed event  that will include recorded video pieces.  The entire live stream including the video will be  recorded so that it can be viewed later.  There is a 24 hr delay to that upload usually.