PolyCon - Canada   

November 20-21, 2021

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Opening & Welcome

Owning Your Shit


 Polykiss aka Zoe Duff of CPAA (BC)

Alyson Sildra of Polyamory Edmonton Association (PEA)  and CPAA (Alberta)




Recording lost   What do I Bring to a Relationship? Gloria Jackson-Nefertiti, (Washington, USA) 
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Dismantling Triad Myths and Building Successful Pods
C J Jackman Zigante. (British Columbia)
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Music live and interview


Karen and Blair of Plain Salt will be joined by Gilles for the Q&A(Manitoba)
Recording lost   Music live and interviewBone Poets Orchestra              (Washington, USA) 
Recording lost   Music VideosThe Sleeves (Australia/Canada) musicians 
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National Polyamory Day!!  

Live stories and songs, sharing real-life love, lust, heartache, and insight on what else family could be.


E J Barrett, Musician

(New Zealand) 0:05:00 

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   Polykiss (aka Zoe Duff) 37:50:06 Musical InterludeBone Poets Society Videos 2:00:40 Polyamory and Religion  Sage Stonekeeper (BC) 2:27:10 Global Connections

Jacques Treviño, PoliMix

(Mexico) 3:27:10 

Love is Infinite, Time is Not: Calendar Management for the Modern Polycule

Belle "Pepper" Phillips 

of Polyamory Edmonton Association (PEA) (Alberta) 4:30:18 Besotted at BreakfastJohn David "Hobbs" Hickey 5:34:00 Managing Emotional Intensity

Wildivine Meditation (BC)

    (iRest ® Yoga Nidra     Meditation) 6:25:54 Imagining different loves: Non-monogamy and speculative fictionTiffany Sostar, (Alberta) 
Censored by Twitch and YouTube   

Fat Fuckers - celebration and exploration of the pleasures of our hearts, brains and ample flesh.

Dr. Ruth Neustifter (Ontario) 
Technical issues prevented this session.   Love Three Ways

  Monica Meneghetti.

(British Columbia)

 00:00:18 Landscapes, not Escalators  Mel Cassidy (British Columbia) 00:39:04 

Canadian Bisexual+ History

   Stephen Harvey (Ontario)

CJ Jackman Zigante (BC) 1:41:41 

Polyamourous:  Loving and Living Through The Pandemic

 Jenny Yuen, (Ontario) 2:37:35 What do we need from a Polyamory Community?Windsor  Poly (Ontario) with Reg Robson 3:41:16 

Managing a National Community on Social Media

 Polyamory Canada (Quebec) with JD"Hobbes" Hickey 4:38:28 Bad Relationship AdviceMel Cassidy & Dr. Ryan Witherspoon (British Columbia and USA) 5:41:54 Advocacy - What do we want/need from the government policy, practice and legislation? 

   Hosted panel discussion:

Mel, Gloria, Ross, Rebecca and Denys.









A Conversation with Dr Kim Tallbear

Closing & Appreciation



  Polykiss aka Zoe Duff



Support and Volunteers

PolyCon-Canada is a project of the Canadian Polyamory Advocacy Association as an effort to inspire awareness of the concept of loving multiple persons simultaneously with the knowledge and consent of all parties.  It is also an effort in community building across Canada and around the world.

The Canadian Polyamory Association ( has other projects and is volunteer based.   Membership in the organization is $15 annually and donations are always welcome.